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Fractals: 3D (continued)

Higher powers

Below are some "pen-and-ink" style renderings of some of the family of solids that we get by applying the same process with higher-power versions of the Mandelbrot and Mandelbar set fractals

Some of these images can be clicked on for higher-resolution versions.

z2 solid
3D fractal, z^2, rear view

z3 solid

z4 solid

z5 solid

... here are some colour versions.

z3 fractal solid
Fractal solid for z^3 (small)Fractal solid for z^3 (small)

z5 fractal solid

... and finally, some small mobile-phone-sized videos:

video, rotation, z3 video, rotation, z4 video, rotation, z5
fractal solid based on z^3 (Eric Baird) fractal solid based on z^4 (Eric Baird) fractal solid based on z^5 (Eric Baird)
~2 Meg download, mp4 ~2 Meg download, mp4 ~2 Meg download, mp4