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You've arrived just as this set of pages are being assembled online! Currently (as of July 2016) this is still at the "first prototype" stage – many pages are missing, are placeholders, are incoherent jottings, or (at best) are still missing references, notes and proper cross-linking. It's a bit of a building-site.

When starting one of these projects, it's difficult to simply start writing complete pages until you know what the structure is going to be, and how certain topics are going to be broken down between pages ... and that sort of information doesn't tend to emerge until you have a sufficient population of pages and placeholder pages for a structure and organisation to start to appear.

So for now, it's all a bit of a mess. However, once these draft pages have been tidied up and a few more added, and the set begins ot look more like a proper site, any further pages will probably be added one-at-a-time, in finished form (rather than the current scheme of "let's start with seventy empty placeholder subject pages and see what happens")


Sections under preparation:

Getting started