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I specialise in next-generation relativity theory (specifically fourth-generation theory). 4-Gen represents the stage after C20th general relativity, where Galileo-Newton is first-generation theory, special relativity is second-generation, and GR1916/GR1960 is third-generation. 4-Gen is the next major iteration.

The aim of fourth-generation theory is to fix all the bugs in GR1916 and redesign the system around Einstein's revised 1950 view "No physics without gravitation" (which echoes W.K. Clifford's C19th "No physics without curvature"). Fixing the incompatibility between the GPoR and SR means jettisoning special relativity and the concept of flat-spacetime physics, and embracing relativistic acoustic metrics, increased non-linearity, a spatially "closed" cosmology, a range of additional equivalence principles, and compatibility with quantum mechanics.


I put out a ~400-page book in 2007:

and a fun graphics-heavy book on fractals in 2011

  • Alt.Fractals: A Visual Guide to Fractal Geometry and Design ISBN 0955706831

Other things:

Back in the Nineties, I ran what was probably the internet's most popular physics website, and while creating the Fractals book, I produced the first proper three-dimensional extrapolation of a Koch Curve (the "Delta"), and also devised the Jerusalem Cube fractal and did some background work on the subject of atomistic fractals.