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New and updated files: 2009


website started late 2007, changes unlogged 'til May 2008


05-Oct-2008 erkfractals_powers.html


Jan-2009 faces.html Some overhauls, new faces added (e.g. Barack Obama)
What's New (this page) Page started. From now on, this page will log any additions to the site.  
25-Jan-2009 faces.html Another eight face files added to the facebank
31-Jan-2009Added "search bar" to pages
03-Feb-2009facebank.html Added more .fg files, and a separate browsing page
07-Feb-2009 ErkDemon Blog! I thought that it was time I tried this bloggy stuff out.
The blog's enabled for visitor comments, so you can use it for website feedback and comments.
Mar-2009-A family bereavement and some other issues meant that there were no new pages this month. However, I managed to keep the weekly blog entries coming.

The three new pages on trigonometric fractals that were intended to be uploaded during March. 
01-May-2009facebank.htmlI've been putting more emphasis on drafting new material for the blog than the website, so there's no new physicsy/mathy content here since last month. I have now gotten the number of 3D face files on the FaceBank page past the hundred mark, which ... probably isn't the most sensible use of my time, but it's fun, and a lot of visitors seem to be interested in it. 
15-May-2009dark_star.htmlI've found a cache of unfinished pages that were originally going to be uploaded to the site. Here's one I just finished off. It started out as my first draft of the dark star wikipedia page
27-Sep-2009erkfractals_powers.htmlMost new material's still going towards the blog rather than the site.
I've taken some "Julia Map" graphics originally designed for a set of mugs, and added them to this page. Since the mug designs were colour-coded red through purple for different powers of z, I've recolourised the other 100px fractal images on the page to match. For a few of them, I found 18001800 "spectrum" -coloured versions on my harddrive, and added those, too, with the colour-coded thumbnails as links. I must have a few more larger versions kicking about on a harddrive somewhere, I'll see what else I can dig out. If I can't find them, I'll try to find the code and re-render at higher resolution. Eventually.
I keep meaning to add more fractal "topic" pages to house some of my large graphics from Feb/March that never found a home on the site, but finding the time's a problem (sigh). I'd hoped to convert the whole site to CSS by now, but it turns out that the current table-based layout does a thing or two with auto-resizing panels that can't be reliably emulated in CSS (yet). Really, the whole site needs a rethink and a redesign around CSS, but it'd all need time. 
Some of the erkfractals_3d solids have now been modelled and rendered by other people and images can now be found on a couple of other sites links now added at the bottom of the relevant pages. My thanks to the person who supplied those new links in a blog entry comment.

Blog comments are now moderated while I mull over a long-term "comments permissions" strategy. This is basically because one anonymous reader was flooding the blog with comments along the lines of "You obviously have no idea about this subject", and while I'm all for robust debate, I don't have the time to indulge in sci.physics.relativity - style slanging matches right now  (been there, done that, moved on). I'd rather spend the time producing additional content, and I'd rather that the atmosphere on the blog stayed pleasant (if you can't say something nice, at least try to be insightful, informative or amusing!). I found myself spending most of my blogging time for a whole week just drafting replies to this one anonymous guy, and really, it wasn't a sensible use of my time. Or, I suspect, his.
Since I implemented comments moderation, I haven't actually moderated anything, the guy stopped posting. Since it's supposed to be a personal blog (rather than a free discussion forum), I might do a bit of weeding of some of those anonymous comments, since even their author doesn't appear to want to be associated with them. Or I might not. Still undecided. The only thing I've weeded so far was some spam that was posted in an inappropriate section (someone posted a link to their site on a section that was supposed to be about typos in the book).

Oh, and the FaceBank page here has been continuing to get a lot of hits, so I've gradually extended the number of downloadable heads to about 140.