Horizon Equivalence Principle (HEP)

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Horizon Equivalence Principle (HEP)


The Horizon Equivalence Principle (HEP) is based on a topological argument that in a spatially-closed universe, we can remap coordinates in such a way that the cosmological horizon appears in our projection as a gravitational horizon surrounding a super-dense gravity-source, and that, similarly, an arbitrarily-chosen black hole can be remapped to produce a projection in which it appears to be a cosmological horizon.

Since both cases of simple curvature are associated with similar effects, and appear to be directly mappable onto each other, it would make sense for the two sets of associated equations to be the same - the same "laws of physics", when appropriately projected, should hold for both cosmological and gravitational cases.


Since cosmological horizons fluctuate and radiate in response to "hidden" events (indirect radiation), leak information, and have a non-zero temperature, they appear to be compatible with QM – a cosmological horizon supports quantum-mechanical concepts such as virtual particles and virtual events - being particles and events whose presence cannot be detected directly, but whose existence does have detectable consequences).

The HEP requires the same QM_compatible behaviours to hold for gravitational horizons, which also need to fluctuate, support indirect radiation, have a non-zero temperature,and be not obviously in conflict with QM


C20th textbook GR is not HEP-compliant, and is therefore incompatible with QM, leading to the Black Hole Information Paradox (BHIP). The essence of the BHIP is that while QM requires gravitational horizons to behave much like cosmological horizons (and radiate), GR1960 requires that they show a different behaviour, and not give off any form of EM radiation. This makes QM and GR1960 mutually contradictory.


The cosmological horizon is an [acoustic horizon], implying that acoustic metric physics is in operation. GR1960 assumes that the underlying metric is not acoustic but is the SR Minkowski metric, which creates an apparently unavoidable incompatibility with the HEP and with QM.

The C20th incompatibility between QM and GR1960 would not seem to be resolvable without reengineering GR to acoustic-metric-compliant, which would also tend to lead to it becoming HEP-compliant.Template:Cosmology