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"Does the Inertia of a Body depend upon its Energy-Content?" (Einstein, 1905) Einstein_emc2.html

"On the Influence of Gravitation on the Propagation of Light" (Einstein, 1911) Einstein_gravity.html

"Aether and the Theory of Relativity" (Einstein, 1920)
"Geometry and Experience" (Einstein, 1921) Einstein_geometry.html
added 23 May 2008

"Relativity and the Problem of Space" (Einstein, 1952) Einstein_space.html

Einstein on Religion, letter to Eric Gutkind, 1954 (excerpt) Einstein_religion.html added 13 May 2008

Einstein's "Relativity: The Special and the General Theory", book, in .pdf format relativity_pdf.html added May 2008

other Einstein books Einstein_books.html
Dark Stars

John Michell's 1783 letter predicting gravitational shifts and dark stars Michell_1783.html

John Michell biography John_Michell_bio.html

The Speed of Light c_speedoflight.html
added 18 May 2008
Relativistic Aberration of Light aberration.html
added 28 May 2008
The Relativistic Ellipse relativistic_ellipse.html
added 28 May 2008

E=mc2 ("Does Light have Mass?") emc2_lightandmass.html
added 22 May 2008
Gravitomagnetism gravitomagnetism.html added 03 June 2008
Observerspace logic observerspace.html added 04 June 2008
Acoustic Metrics acoustic_metric.html
added 04 June 2008
Cosmological Horizons vs Standard Theory cosmological_horizons.html
added 04 June 2008

CoolStuff /

ErkFractals erkfractals.html
added 21 May 2008
ErkFractals 3D (page 1) erkfractals_3d.html
added 23 June 2008
ErkFractals 3D (page 2) erkfractals_3d_02.html recent added 19 November 2008
The Julia and Mandelbrot sets julia_set.html
added 30 October 2008
The Julia Set in 4D julia_set_4d.html recent added 30 October 2008
Higher powers of the Julia and Mandelbrot sets erkfractals_powers.html
added 5 October 2008
"Trig" Julia Set fractals julia_set_trig.html NEW added 1 April 2009
"Sine" Julia Set fractals julia_set_sine.html NEW added 1 April 2009
"Sine" vs. "Standard" Julia Set images julia_set_alt.html NEW added 1 April 2009

Solid Geometry erksolids.html
added 21 May 2008
Pulling Faces: 3D face software faces.html recent added Jan 2009
Facebank: a collection of face files for FaceGen facebank.html recent added Jan 2009