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: [[Acoustic horizons: radiation]]
: [[Acoustic horizons: radiation]]
: [[Acoustic horizons: particle-pair production]]
: [[Acoustic horizons: particle-pair production]]

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Relativity of Rotation
Relativity of acceleration
Einstein on Mach's Principle


W.K. Clifford
John Archibald Wheeler
John Michell

Crises and Catastrophes

The Newtonian Catastrophe
The Utraviolet catastrophe
The 1960 Crisis
The Harwell paper
Schild, 1960
Hasselkemp Transverse Test

Gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM)

Rotational gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM-r)
Accelerational gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM-a)
Velocity-based gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM-v)


Einstein: Mach's Principle and GR
Einstein: Principle of equivalence ()
Einstein: General Principle of Relativity
Einstein: SR plus GR (1950)
Einstein: GR as aether theory ()
Einstein: Causality
K H Namsrai and Stochastic QM


GEM-v: Ring argument
GEM-v: Dumbbell argument
GEM-v: Horizon argument
GEM-v: Gravitational aberration argument
GEM-v: GEM unification argument
GEM-v: Stochastic QM argument
GEM-v: Domain-shifting argument
GEM-v: Shift unification argument
GEM-v: Time-domain argument
-v: Particle physics arguments


Equivalence Principles

Equivalence Principle
Shift Equivalence Principle (SEP)
Horizon Equivalence Principle (HEP)
Universal Shift Equivalence Principle (USEP)
Wave-particle equivalence

Acoustic metrics

Acoustic metrics: Quantum gravity
Acoustic metrics: Definitional exclusion
Acoustic metrics: Cosmological inevitability
Acoustic horizons: incompleteness
Acoustic horizons: radiation
Acoustic horizons: particle-pair production


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